Impact Leadership- 3 Ways Women Can Become More Powerful, Effective & Influential Leaders

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  • May 15, 2019

I’m actually proposing this as a keynote.
Over 85% of organizations claim their current employees aren’t able to fill vital leadership roles within their company, and their current leaders are ill-equipped to develop high trust, high engagement & high performing teams. Based on Betsy’s TEDx talk, this inspiring keynote reveals the blueprint for being a leader who makes a positive impact within any organization…. regardless of title. Get ready to learn, laugh, cry, and be inspired! Betsy shares her research from interviewing top leaders around the nation to help participants become more effective, build trust, create higher levels of influence, & become a more powerful communicator. Impactful leaders are strong, yet also inspiring, and this keynote is guaranteed to motivate your group to step up and lead like they were born to make a difference.

Actionable Takeaways:
Increase your trust, respect & influence with others by developing the #1 skill that determines a leader’s success.
Develop a strong mission and values & learn how to get your team on board with your vision.
Become an expert on your employee’s communication, motivation & delegation preferences, to empower them to think like a leader, take initiative and become a top performer.