Government as an Enterprise Cloud Provider

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  • May 16, 2019

The trend might be moving more services to the cloud, but the elimination of private data centers is a stretch. Nebraska makes gains from a mix of on-premise infrastructure and cloud (hybrid) environments for the predictable future. Creating an efficient, cost-effective on-premise infrastructure is becoming easier as the technology continues to evolve with strides in innovation, comparable to those in the cloud. Server virtualization and hyper-converged systems represent the biggest innovations. With the utilization of a MetroCluster for business continuity, fault tolerance, and infrastructure resilience, the enterprise appliances tightly integrate computing, storage, networking, and server virtualization in an on-premise data center. The session will discuss a focus on secondary site availability to ensure applications remain operational 24×7 in the form of a co-located data center that leverages the cost advantage of public-to-public partnerships.