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Team Software

About TEAM Software, Inc. TEAM Software, Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions and associated services for the building service and security industries. Based in Omaha, NE, TEAM offers a host of fully integrated solutions from operations, financial and workforce management to employee and customer self-service to time and attendance products designed to help customers profit from efficiency.

TEAM also offers a wide variety of additional services, including application hosting, consulting services and custom programming. Serving hundreds of customers across North America and the Caribbean, TEAM operates on the principle that, in order to be more profitable, today’s businesses need solid technology infrastructures, reinforced by innovative products and services. In a highly competitive economic climate, service industry administrators rely on close financial control, accurate and timely cost information, and effective estimating capabilities. It is our goal to maximize customers’ efficiency and position them for growth despite shrinking margins and increasing competition.

TEAM is proud to be an employee-owned company since 2007. Because each employee has a stake in the company, TEAM’s staff is extremely motivated to make customer service its top priority, always. Each month, employee owners come together to discuss company strategy and review goals and key performance metrics. In addition, the ESOP Education Committee plans special team-building events and educational opportunities. Visit us at for more information.