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Clinical laboratories all over the world rely on Streck for consistent control and calibration materials. Streck is recognized worldwide as a leader in cell stabilization and we focus on the development of products to help meet the fast-paced needs of clinical laboratories. The tradition of excellence in the design and manufacture of hematology, chemistry and immunology products for the clinical laboratory, traces its roots to the very development of automated instruments used in counting cells in human blood samples.

For generations, technicians counted blood cells manually under a microscope. The advent of automated instruments in the 1960s also brought the necessity for a quality control product to assure the accuracy of counts.

Streck’s leadership in the industry was ensured from the very beginning of the company. Dr. Wayne Ryan, Streck’s founder, pioneered the development of the first hematology quality control products. A biochemist, Dr. Ryan’s break-through discovery of a means of stabilizing cells proved to be a cornerstone technology for consistent, quality controls.

Dr. Ryan and Connie Ryan’s visionary leadership, aided by an experienced management team and professional scientists, have propelled Streck to the premier position it holds today.

Today, the company owns more than 40 patents and continues to invest significant resources in research and development to meet the evolving needs of busy clinical laboratories around the globe.

Streck is ready for the challenges that lie ahead and poised to embrace the future. The company’s mission is to be dedicated to providing its customers with unique products that surpass their expectations in terms of quality and value.