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Siskin Childrens Institute

Siskin School is a unique educational environment dedicated to the development of children of all abilities. The staff of Siskin School believes that all children can learn from the guidance of adults, as well as interaction with one another. Each child’s learning potential is continuously assessed and challenged.

The staff of Siskin School also believes that parent involvement and support are critical to each child’s educational success and that mutual respect shown between parents and teachers is of the utmost importance. A safe and nurturing environment is an important part of every child’s program and the emphasis upon parent involvement and support is most critical for the child’s long-term educational success.

Licensure and Accreditation

The school maintains Tennessee certified teachers and trained assistants who facilitate each child’s individualized program through the Individual Family Service Plan (for children under three years of age with special needs), Individual Education Plan (for children over three years of age with special needs), or the Peer Program, as applicable. Low classroom ratios are maintained and all classrooms are curriculum-based with developmentally appropriate activities.

Siskin School is the only educational facility in Tennessee currently holding CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation in the areas of Community and Child and Youth Services, which monitors the quality of programming for individuals with disabilities by establishing standards of quality.

Siskin School is licensed as an Early Intervention Center by the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (DMHDD), by the Tennessee Department of Human Services for Child Care Services, and is recognized as an approved school by the State of Tennessee Department of Education. In addition, Siskin School is currently pursuing National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation. To retain the license, recognition and accreditation, we are required to follow the regulations set forth by each of the above-mentioned entities.