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At Digital IMS, we don’t believe in spending valuable time writing and rewriting extensive and inflexible business plans. Our industry is far too dynamic and we must be flexible to take advantage of opportunities. We focus on our business goals through achievable action items, keeping the overall values of our company at the center of every decision we make, and ever on the minds of the staff that created our values.

We are EMPLOYEE CENTERED - Digital IMS treats our employees with appreciation and respect, allowing them room for personal expression and growth. Employees are encouraged to expand their horizons at work, as well as home.

We are CUSTOMER-FOCUSED - Digital IMS wants its customers to experience service that makes a lasting impression - service that is proactive, comprehensive and spirited. We believe that treating people with respect and dignity is the key to providing "legendary service".

We are TEAM-ORIENTED - Digital IMS employees work and think well in groups of people. They respect, listen, and value the opinions of others as a critical means for the company to succeed and function well.

We believe in ALTRUISM - Digital IMS employees understand the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others and give freely of their time and company resources.

We exhibit COMMON-SENSE / GOOD JUDGMENT - Digital IMS believes in the people it hires and encourages employees to use their instincts and good judgment on the job. We want people who think "service" before adherence to rules.

We practice DIRECT/OPEN COMMUNICATION - All management and staff of Digital IMS understand the value of abundant, frank communication and do whatever it takes to keep information flowing in all directions.

We are FLEXIBLE - Digital IMS is nimble and agile in responding to feedback, both positive and negative and employees embrace change.

We have FUN - Team members are encouraged to take their jobs and the competition seriously -- but not themselves. Digital IMS is serious about creating an environment where play, humor, creativity, and laughter flourish.

We believe in HARD WORK - The pace at Digital IMS is fast and intense. The company runs very lean, which requires every person to do his or her part -- and then some. Digital IMS has the most productive work force in the industry; those who shy away from hard work do not fit into Digital IMS’ culture.

We exhibit INTEGRITY - Our team members always act with honorable intentions and do what is right -- whether dealing with internal or external relationships. We are willing to take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable.

We are INNOVATIVE - We are always focused on creating new, useful, easy-to-use products and services that make a positive difference in the lives our clients and that help our clients build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

We take OWNERSHIP - Digital IMS believes that people take better care of things they own and expects employees to take care of the customers they have earned the right to serve. Thus, Digital IMS allows employees to participate in the financial benefits of ownership. When the company does well, employees are rewarded for their contributions via profit-sharing. In addition, long term employees are awarded participation in a stock-option program.

We are PASSIONATE - Digital IMS employees care enough to give themselves to their tasks; for the company and for the family. We love what we do and let it show in our work and actions.

We are PROFITABLE - Team members understand that profitability drives the company’s growth and is directly linked to profit-sharing and job security. It also enables Digital IMS to be a good corporate citizen. Therefore, we are thrifty - ever-mindful of the bottom-line and focused on limiting expenses in order to create maximum value for employees and shareholders of the company.

We are RESULTS-ORIENTED - Each member of the team accepts personal responsibility for his or her actions and understands that Digital IMS measures success by results as opposed to activity.

We believe in SIMPLICITY - Digital IMS believes that simplicity creates speed, reduces cost, and fosters understanding. People who like to complicate things or become paralyzed by analysis have a difficult time succeeding in Digital IMS’ fast-paced environment. We believe that formality, pretentiousness and duplicity shackle creativity, innovation and quality service. Informality generates speed, increases flow of information, and breaks down barriers to enable people to engage in more productive and satisfying relationships.