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Capstone Consulting


Today, we apply extensive experience from multiple disciplines and industries to provide clear guidance and direction in helping IT deliver results to the business. Our goal is to give leaders at all levels of the organization the tools to make intelligent business decisions to more effectively capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities.


Capstone Consulting is your partner of choice, delivering superior business results through ethical, innovative Information Technology solutions and services.


As the business partner of choice, Capstone:

  • Enhances our customer’s profitability by providing world-class leadership, innovative solutions and enterprise information
  • Imparts a permanent positive change to the people, process and technology of every organization
  • Proactively adds value beyond expectations, as a team of thought leaders, critical thinkers and problem solvers

Capstone was founded on the principle of integrity first; we do what we say, say what we do. We deliver on our promises. If a client has a need beyond our core expertise, we’ll enlist the help of our network of experts with the specific knowledge needed to achieve the desired result. This philosophy enables us to serve as a trusted partner with our clients and ensure they are best positioned to leverage technology to achieve lasting results. In short, our customers’ success is our top priority.

Results-Driven Services

Capstone applies seasoned IT knowledge and management expertise to deploy business solutions. Our IT Consulting services are designed to help clients leverage IT resources to meet current business objectives while positioning their organizations for future growth.

Our Services

  • IT Staffing
  • Agile/Scrum Training
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Leadership
Services are designed to help clients:

  • Strategically align IT and internal business units
  • Present key decision-makers with timely information to make critical, actionable business decisions
  • Conduct strategic assessments of the enterprise, business processes, Agile, technical and BI/data assessments, including road mapping
  • Quickly develop and deploy both legacy and emerging technologies, driven by the needs and participation of the end user
  • Leverage and extend in-house IT talent, including project managers, architects, business analysts, and developers
  • Conduct Agile, Lean and Scrum training and consulting to increase the performance and agility of our customers
  • Deliver higher return per dollar spent on IT investment
  • Client-Focused Philosophy
Capstone is committed to developing long-term relationships through our focus on continued client success. Whether organizations need additional bench strength to complete a large project, strategic guidance from an experienced Enterprise Architect, or specialized expertise to implement a new solution, Capstone consistently delivers. And that’s why our customers are our biggest advocates.