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AmeriServe International

AmeriServe International, Inc

“The People Company”

The People Company - a different kind of company with a focus about the things in life that really matter.

AmeriServe International was established in 1998 as a multi-service company designed to support persons with disabilities along with their families and loved ones. We believe that choice, respect, presence and participation are integral parts of the lives of each and every person we serve.

“Making life better tomorrow than it was yesterday because of what is done today” and being able to develop a lifestyle of self-selection and self-direction is the foundation that makes AmeriServe International “The People Company”

Mission / Mission:

“Making Life Better Tomorrow than it was Yesterday because of what is done today”

The Paradigm of Rights

The Right People: doing the Right Things, in the Right Way, for the Right Reasons, and at the Right Times.

Principles of Living:

Quality living has four core principles that assist in making a lifestyle operational. The principles are: Choice, Respect, Presence and Participation. Understanding the importance of each in relationship to creating lifestyle is a key component to creating and supporting options for the success of persons who have special needs.

The AmeriServe Way

Persons who chose to become a part of AmeriServe International, Inc. (ASI) are carefully selected to ensure that they possess beliefs, experiences, skills, and knowledge that will assist persons with special needs in exercising a quality of life of their choice. Their acceptance of an appointment to a position indicates the acceptance to enthusiastically support and a willingness to execute to the best of their ability the three foundation beliefs of AmeriServe International, Inc.

The first foundation piece is the Paradigm of Rights. The second piece is the Principles of Living. The third foundation piece is the practice of active life long learning.

These foundations provide guidelines so every colleague can make decisions and feel confident they are doing it in a manner that contributes to the appropriateness and effectiveness of services provided. All of these are together interdependent and key components of what is “The AmeriServe International Way” from “The People Company”.