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CQuence Health Group


CQuence Health Group is a growing portfolio of health-care companies all focused on streamlining health care.

Our firms offer products and solutions designed to:

Increase efficiency // Improve quality initiatives // Decrease costs // Enhance the patient experience.


About CQuence Health Group

CQuence employees aren’t the only people who see the value of our culture. Our peers locally, regionally and nationally have consistently recognized CQuence as a great place to work.

  1. Ranked Number One of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” – Modern Healthcare, 2015
  2. Top 10 rankings of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” – Modern Healthcare, 2013 and 2014
  3. “Highest Actively Engaged Population” and “Highest Overall Job Satisfaction” – Avatar Solutions, 2012
  4. “Platinum Well Workplace Award” – Wellness Council of America, 2011
  5. “Best Place to Work for the Advancement of Women” – Institute for Career Advancement Needs, 2011