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American Games

American Games Incorporated

Where craftsmanship meets innovation

American Games is an industry leader in providing top-quality pull tab tickets, pull tab ticket vending machines, Bingo paper and gaming supplies. Our products and services are continuously evolving, ensuring our customers the most innovative, high-quality products imaginable.

With ever-expanding resources and a growing staff, we’ve got what it takes to meet the needs of any charitable organization or lottery, regardless of whether the product is a customized special-order or requires an unusually quick turnaround time. Nearly two decades since opening our doors, American Games has over 200 employees and a solid customer base covering nearly 40 U.S. states as well as a number of overseas clients.

Since opening its doors in 1985, American Games has established a solid reputation in the charitable gaming and lottery industries by providing:

Outstanding Customer Service American Games creates a special partnership with each client to ensure they receive the attention they require and the quality product they are seeking within their deadlines. We’ve built solid, loyal relationships with distributors and lotteries worldwide by way of individualized customer care, a steady stream of products that meet the ever-changing demands of the market and good, old-fashioned integrity.

A Long-Standing Commitment To Quality American Games uses only the highest quality materials and processes to provide products that exceed industry standards. Our products go through a rigorous series of tests and quality checks each step of the way before ever leaving the plant and reaching your hands and the hands of your customers.

Leading-Edge Innovation & Ingenuity American Games is continuously enhancing our processes and upgrading our technology to produce our products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This cost savings is passed on to our clients.

Value & Dependability American Games provides reasonably priced high-quality products with turnaround times that are among the fastest in the industry.

Our quest for efficiency and quality has been a long, productive and rewarding one. And it continues today.

In January 2002, the company joined forces with Pollard Banknote Limited, a worldwide gaming industry leader with clients all over the globe and nearly a century of security printing experience. By combining American Games’ pull tab and ticket vending expertise with Pollard Banknote’s experience as a major provider of scratch off tickets and other lottery services, our clients will have access to wider spectrum of products and services, backed collectively by many decades of product development and a singular vision of quality and innovation.