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First Steps Inc.

About Us

First Steps has a 50-year history of providing individualized education to children in the Nashville community, including those who have been turned away from other programs due to the severity of their health issues, medical needs or limited resources.

Whether we are providing individualized instruction in our child development center or supporting families in the home through our community outreach program, our philosophy is the same — we never underestimate a child.

The First Steps Vision

* Enhance the quality of life for children and their families.

* Eliminate barriers to services for children with special needs.

* Empower families as they seek to meet the needs of their children.

* Improve the community as a whole— child by child, family by family.

* Celebrate each child’s unique potential.

Partnering with Parents

We recognize that no one knows children better than their parents. That’s why we involve parents in every aspect of our work.

Our teachers are more effective when parents share insights with them about their children, participate in activities at our child development center and reinforce learning and development at home. Through the Parents Portal on this Web site, we share information on our curriculum and activities. We encourage feedback and suggestions.

Additionally, our First Steps’ Parent Connection Committee is made up with parents who work directly with us to ensure our programs meet the needs of families and the community. For more information, contact Stephanie Underwood, (615) 298-5619 or