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MILCO Environmental Services, Inc.

MILCO Environmental Services, Inc. is a professional environmental engineering services corporation, with a strong tradition of growth and stability, and has offices located in Kearney and McCook in Nebraska and in Colby, Kansas. The firm specializes in the resolution of complex environmental issues through cost-effective project planning, applied engineering and scientific principles. Teams of qualified and experienced environmental engineering professionals are committed to effectiveness, dependability, promptness, technical defensibility and excellence in the quality of deliverables, and customer satisfaction in all environmental engineering projects that they undertake. Multidisciplinary teams at MILCO Environmental Services Inc. are committed to serve all their clients in Nebraska, Kansas and eastern Colorado through their dedication to consistently achieving client goals and ensuring customer satisfaction. The services offered by MILCO include:


MILCO offers specialized knowledge and experience to offer Assessment Services including Phase 1 Site Assessments, Corrective Action, Indoor Air Quality, Aquifer Performance Testing and HUD Environmental Assessments.


MILCO specialized Remediation Services including System Design, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Feasibility Studies, Ground Water Modeling, Contamination Transport Modeling and LUST Closures