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Deluxe Corporation

A Growth Engine for Small Businesses & Financial Institutions

Today’s Deluxe is the indispensable partner for unleashing the growth potential of small businesses and financial institutions. Here’s how we can help you:

  • We help small businesses acquire and retain customers. From personalized products and affordable logo design, to web services and search engine marketing, we help small businesses compete against big businesses and win. Deluxe delivers the innovative products and services that help business owners build their brands, grow their dreams and live their passion.
  • Financial institutions rely on our broad set of solutions, including industry-leading checks and so much more. Deluxe is a strategic marketing partner for financial institutions—combining thoughtful business insight with comprehensive, relevant products and services to attract and retain account holders and maximize financial institution profitability. We help banks and credit unions grow core deposits, fight fraud and build lasting relationships with account holders.
Did you know?

  • More than one third of our revenue now comes from outside our core check business
  • We have 4 million active small business customers and 6,200 financial institution clients
  • We are becoming the go-to expert on small business for financial institutions
  • We’ve hosted more than 420,000 websites for individuals and small businesses
  • We have the first social networking site built specifically for small business owners
  • We are rapidly expanding into Europe through our Hostopia acquisition and e-commerce operations
It’s an exciting, dynamic time to be part of Deluxe—a company that is a strong, vibrant leader in the industry and throughout the communities we serve. We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver the services small business customers need to grow - and making them more affordable and accessible than ever before. We have aligned ourselves to create better focus, speed, accountability and execution. And we drive continuous improvement to achieve operational excellence across the enterprise. The bottom line...

We will not rest until every customer—from the smallest business to the largest financial institution—views us as an indispensable partner for growth.