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Landscapes Unlimited

Since 1976, Landscapes Unlimited has been creating striking realities from the dreams and visions of owners, architects and designers.  Our staff of experienced professionals, led by Bill Kubly, has completed more than 800 development, construction and renovation projects.  This resume of projects expands to all types of environments, encountering most every element and site condition that exists.

Landscapes Unlimited provides UNLIMITED Capabilities through our main business units:
  • Construction Services
  • Project Development
  • Recreational Development
  • Landscapes Golf Group
These business units work individually or in unison for complete project delivery.  This structure allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of the client, while providing all of our experience as value-added for the benefit of the project and the project team.  More comprehensive information regarding these capabilities may be found in our Specialties section.

At Landscapes Unlimited, we strive to exceed expectations.  We realize that reputation is earned every day and that our clients place a tremendous amount of trust in our capabilities.  Further, we recognize that continual improvement is essential to satisfying existing clients and earning the business of new clients.  For these reasons and more, Landscapes Unlimited will always be the firm of choice when results, effort and value are the deciding factors.