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Northstar Foundation

The NorthStar Foundation was founded to focus on the critical, unmet needs of North Omaha’s young men, beginning in fifth grade, with the goal of helping them grow into healthy, educated, employed contributors to the community. NorthStar is the only single sex, male afterschool program in Greater Omaha.


NorthStar Foundation Mission/Vision:

“To change young men’s lives through programming that supports, challenges, inspires and instills a life rooted in education, self discipline and service to community.”


NorthStar Foundation Program Structure:

The NorthStar Foundation is focused on developing an exciting afterschool model that places youth in a safe and secure environment with mentors, staff and peers who share common goals that focus on self reliance, self actualization and accountability. At the heart of NorthStar are five unique program areas of emphasis:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Athletics & Healthy Lifestyles
  • Adventure & Experiential Learning (via Outward Bound Omaha)
  • Arts Immersion
  • Job Readiness


NorthStar Foundation History:

The NorthStar Foundation 501(c)(3) was created in August 2007 to address some of Greater Omaha’s needs in  afterschool programming.

Several Omaha-based studies uncovered ways that the NorthStar Foundation’s presence in Omaha could make a direct impact on youth in need. Challenges identified in the Stanford Research Institute (SRI)/Building Bright Futures study in 2007 and the University of Nebraska at Omaha Afterschool Needs Assessment in 2007 include: lack of programs supporting middle school to high school transition; youth becoming ’disconnected’ from the systems in place to support them; and the impact of poverty on a student’s ability to gain the ’assets’ needed to survive and thrive in pursuit of becoming healthy, well-educated members of the community.


The NorthStar Foundation Name:

Looking to the evening sky, the North Star is used to help identify direction when a person is lost. The NorthStar Foundation seeks to do the same for male youth in North Omaha: encouraging an upward view; providing a constant resource, and offering direction. (The NorthStar Foundation is unaffiliated with any other group or organization by the same or similar name, including NorthStar Financial Services Group located in Omaha, NE.)