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Apple Tree Orchard Preschool and Childcare

At Apple Tree Orchard® we strive to provide the best possible experience for your children. To us, that means that children are offered attention and affection in a structured environment. We want your children to know that every day spent with us will allow them to learn, play, and explore the world around them. We believe that children build knowledge and self-confidence by having the opportunity to learn new skills and having those new found abilities appreciated by people they know and trust. In order to help your child have the best possible experience, we not only offer structured lessons about what they will need to be successful and happy when beginning the school years, but we also offer your child the chance to be creative, playful, social, and imaginative.

To help parents be a part of this experience, we offer password protected Internet access to parents of enrolled children. Now, even at work, you can “stop in” unannounced and see your children at any time. For more information call Kristin at Apple Tree Orchard®, 402-827-7537.