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James Skinner Baking Company

The J. Skinner food legacy began in 1911 in Omaha when brothers Paul and Lloyd founded the Skinner Macaroni Company. In 1979, then the sixth largest US pasta producer, Skinner Macaroni was sold to Hershey Foods Corporation. Four years later, grandson and current company Chairman of the Board, James Skinner, started J. Skinner Baking with his father Lloyd.


Today, The James Skinner Baking Company is one of the fastest growing baked goods companies in the nation. The J. Skinner brand was 2008, in the in-store bakery and has experienced great success. Our modern artisan sweet goods include Danish, sweet rolls, gourmet buns, pastries, croissants and muffins. We operate 2 facilities located in Omaha, NE and Paris, TX.


We are committed to the craft of baking and providing consumers with the ultimate eating experience. We’re proud that each enticing product we make is baked in the European tradition – authentic, never rushed, and from the finest quality ingredients available.