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Fiberweb is one of the world’s largest and leading suppliers of high performance, speciality nonwoven fabrics.

Nonwoven materials developed, manufactured and marketed by Fiberweb are used in a wide variety of everyday products such as water filters, blood filters, industrial wipes, baby diapers, panty liners, fabric softener sheets, construction products and protective clothing to name only a few. With vast experience in its field and a strong international presence, Fiberweb has long been regarded as a technological innovator with a strong portfolio of intellectual property, a preferred partner for customers focused on high-quality and reliable supply and as a consistent investor in a global network of competitive manufacturing assets.

Fiberweb has a strong market position in many of its product and application areas using a variety of leading manufacturing technologies, including several proprietary processes. With revenues close to $1 billion and over 2000 employees worldwide, the company has a strong global position with major operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Fiberweb is a public company, and its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange.