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Women's Fund of Greater Omaha

The Women’s Fund of Greater Omaha is an organization of passionate, accomplished women who oversee a permanent fund exclusively devoted to improving the lives of local women and girls. As a trusted voice in the community, we identify the critical issues through research, fund innovative solutions and influence dynamic change.

In addition to our own projects, the Women’s Fund helps support initiatives that are developed and delivered by other groups. Since our beginning in 1990, we have invested more than $2.5 million in grants and projects focused on the most pressing needs of women and girls in the community.

Relevant research examines and defines issues such as economic conditions, challenges facing girls, domestic violence and the status of women’s leadership in Omaha. The unbiased findings are then presented to the community, along with resources necessary to facilitate positive change.

A respected expert. An effective voice. An empowering resource.
  • Women’s Fund research provided the catalyst for local officials to secure nearly $5 million in grants for after school programs.
  • When STDs were declared an epidemic in Omaha, we raised and invested $500,000 in a multi-year campaign to educate vulnerable youth.
  • In response to urgent community need, we created the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and helped start the Latina Resource Center.
  • Hundreds of women have been trained for leadership roles as a result of our workshops.
  • We make the connections and provide the funding to improve the lives of Omaha’s women and girls.