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Community Pharmacy

A Different Kind of LTC Pharmacy

We are passionate about Long Term Care. This is all we do.

Community Pharmacy was started in 2007 when two forward thinking pharmacists found a need in their community for a long-term-care pharmacy dedicated to doing what was right, taking care of both the residents and the facility. Since then, we have worked very hard at satisfying that need in our community by focusing on patient safety and customer service.

We have become forerunners in the use of technology in our industry by adding safety and efficiency values for our customers. We are committed to using technology and human resources to lead the pharmacy industry in efficiency, accuracy, and customer safety. We utilize the best-in-class pharmacy software, an industry-leading paperless management system , a state-of-the-art delivery system, prescription-filling robotics, and the #1 rated eMAR on the market. We have the capability to interface with any software product. We continue to find and add technology solutions while forging innovation in an effort to provide the safest and most efficient services for our customers.

For more information about Community Pharmacy, visit our website at: