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Plattsmouth State Bank

Plattsmouth State Bank - Our Story

Plattsmouth State Bank was incorporated in 1904. At that time the bank was located at the northwest corner of 6th and Main Streets in the corner room of the Riley Block. Assets in 1904 were less than $111,000.

Henry Schneider bought controlling interest in 1917 and the bank has been in the Schneider family ever since. Carl J. Schneider joined his father in the banking business in 1929 and succeeded him as president of the bank in 1949. In 1963 Carl’s son, Ronald D. Schneider, became the third generation of the family in the bank. Ron succeeded his father as president in 1975.

The fourth generation of the family is represented by Ron’s three children Lori, David and Greg. Lori joined the bank in 1982, David in 1986, and Greg in 1992. Lori is currently President, David is Executive Vice President and Greg is Vice President.

The bank building was moved to its present location in 1922. It was remodeled in 1950, but retained its 1/2 lot size. In 1962 a major expansion and exterior remodeling was completed doubling the size of the building. Additional remodeling and expansion was done in 1983 toward the north and in 1987 toward the east. The entire building, except 2 historic facades, was demolished in 2001. A new 2-story, 12,787 square foot facility was built at the existing location. The bank has been operating in the new facility since February 2003.

A drive-in facility was built in 1966 on Chicago Avenue. In 1986 the first ATM in Cass County was installed at our drive-in location. A full service drive-in facility and ATM were opened on Highway 75 in 1993. The bank’s mission has always been to be a safe, responsible business that renders high quality service to customers through the efforts of fairly treated employees. We hope the fact that we’re still around after 105 years means we’ve been successful in attaining our goals.