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Academic Adventures, Inc.

Life is a highway full of adventures. Each path that we take leads to a new and enlightening education experience.  Whether it is on that Yellow Brick Road to Oz or down Drury Lane, every path leaves an impression, its own landmark, in our hearts.  Academic Adventures wants to be the 'Big Yellow School Bus' for your child’s adventure.


Academic Adventures believes that childhood is a marvelous, irreplaceable moment in time.  A time when friendships are formed, character is built, and the seeds of education are planted.  We look forward to joining your family through these priceless moments.



Academic Experience

Education is a major priority at Academic Adventures.  From the youngest infant to our oldest child, we believe that children are like sponges, eager to soak up every drop of instruction that we can offer. At Academic Adventures, we use our time with your child to its fullest potential.  Utilizing a theme based curriculum, parental involvement and education secretly packed into playtime, your child will thrive on their journey through primary school. 

Although ABC's and 123's have a big place in our day, there is still much more to learn.  Academic Adventures believes in the development of the whole child.  From tummy time, and your child’s first steps, to tying shoes and zipping coats, our goal is to encourage your child’s confidence and independence as they prepare for their passage into elementary school.

At Academic Adventures we only employ patient teachers with a desire to make a difference in the heart of your child.  Teachers who not only want to teach but who seek to develop a connection. We believe when a child and teacher form a strong healthy bond children will feel secure leading to happy days filled with excitement, laughter and learning.