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Advanced Air, Inc.

Welcome Aviators! ADVANCED AIR, INC. Land yourself at our website, where you’ll find information about our airport, services and the local area. Enjoy yourself! Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm FAA Exams LGP LaserGrade Proctor Tests Our Laser Grade Test Facility offers the perfect surroundings for you to take any of the following examinations: * Private Pilot Knowledge * Instrument * Commercial * Certified Flight Instructor Other exams available: * LGP LaserGrade Proctor Tests * TSA Transportation Safety Association * PAN Performance Assessment Network * FAA Federal Aviation Administration (including IAR Inspection Authorization) * FCC Federal Communications Commission * ACF American Culinary Federation* * CBO International Conference of Building Officials* * CET International Society of Electronic Technicians * FSP National Registry of Food Safety Professionals* * HMR (HumRRO) Human Resources Research Organization* * ICC - Construction Industry Contractors * LNA Lymphology Association of North America* * NIC National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology* * NBP National Association of Boards of Pharmacy* * NRA National Restaurant Association* * ITL Inter-Tel University * SBC Southern Building Code Congress International* * WLI Washington State Department of Labor and Industry* * ETA Electronics Technicians Association Tests Learn to fly! Here’s why flight instruction at Advanced Air makes sense: * Lower aircraft rental rates! * Less wasted tach time - more quality flying time! * Easy scheduling! Lessons at your convenience! * Pay as you go! * Newer aircraft! * Online scheduling. * Cessnas and Pipers Flying in and out of the Council Bluffs Airport (CBF) makes good sense. We have the best of both worlds as we have wide variety of aircraft older planes that are more affordable and newer planes with new avionics. We train in both Cessnas and Pipers. We are near enough to Class C airspace that you don’t have to worry about it in the begining as most new students are intimitdated by talking on the radios. Since Council Bluffs is located so close to Class C airspace after the first couple lessons you will learn to talk to Air Traffic Controllers on a regular basis so that you feel comfortable. We are also close to the practice area creating a savings for the student.You’ll receive personal, individualized instruction from day one. Flying patterns, takeoffs, landings - plus valuable experience working with Class C Air Traffic Controllers - all available right here, and at tremendous savings to you! (Savings in time and money! What’s more important than that?) Discovery Flight For $65.00, you can go up for 1/2 hour and take the controls to see how you like it! Maintenance "Safety First" As a pilot and aircraft owner, we know your most precious cargo is your family and friends. Our staff take their jobs very seriously. We wouldn’t want you to fly anything we wouldn’t put our own family in. To help ensure safety, we offer one of the most extensive and thorough inspections available! When we are done, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to keep your aircraft in the best possible working condition.