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MRC Information Technology


MRC Information Technology is a leader in IT Solutions. Our National Headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska providing solutions and services in Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Compliance, Taxonomy, Electronic Forms and Enterprise Search technologies. Our Team has successfully implemented projects throughout the United States including; NE, IA, KS, MO, IL, OH, WI, and NJ.


MRCIT is dedicated to the success of the customer projects in which we engage; a company that is grounded in personal and professional values; a company that has a solid sales engine with a growing pipeline of opportunities and business.


MRCIT has a growing list of successful projects, satisfied customers and repeat, follow-on business. If you are a talented, experienced technical consultant, you would want to work somewhere where the team thinks like you do, where the company really cares about it’s customers, and where your strong skills are appreciated and can be applied in a way that will result in successful projects. If you are younger, less-experienced technical consultant, you would want to work somewhere where you can learn and be groomed by proven, successful technical consultants who are committed to their customers and to help you grow your skills and enhance your resume. MRCIT has much to offer to both of these technical consulting candidates – whether they are experienced, proven veterans or younger, less experienced who want to learn and grow.