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Lower Platte South NRD

The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District is one of 23 NRD’s that are a multi-purpose, local unit of Nebraska Government for management, development, and protection of the soil and water resources.

The general purpose of the Lower Platte South NRD shall be to conserve, develop and manage the water and land resources of the District for the common good of all people.

Programs Include:

  • Erosion prevention and control
  • Prevention of damages from flood water & sediment
  • Flood prevention and control
  • Water supply for any beneficial use
  • Development, management, utilization & conservation of ground water and surface water
  • Pollution control
  • Solid waste disposal & sanitary drainage
  • Drainage improvement & channel rectification
  • Development & management of fish & wildlife habitat
  • Development & management of recreational & park facilities
  • Forestry & range management less