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Graepel North America Inc.

Graepel is specialized in the manufacturing of perforated and formed sheet metal components and assemblies for industrial trucks, agricultural machinery and the construction equipment industry. Our services include the entire process chain: engineering, tool making, prototypes, production, paint, and just-in-time delivery. Graepel was founded in 1889 and is internationally known with plants in Germany and the United States. The corporate headquarters is in Loeningen, Germany. In 2006 Graepel North America Inc. was founded (GNA). Graepel North America's focus is mainly on forming, welding, and assembly of perforated and stamped sheet metal products to serve Graepel's growing North American customer base. Graepel is well known for its industry expertise focusing on quality, precision, and customer solutions.  In 2010 Graepel North America started manufacturing in the United States.  In October of 2014 Graepel North America opened a brand new state of the art facility due to continued market growth.  GNA remains an exciting place to work with lots of opportunities for motivated prospective employees.