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Stateline Producers Cooperative

Thank you for your interest in our cooperative.  We strive to meet our organizational objectives by creating an environment of openness and trust.  We encourage our employees to contribute to their maximum potential by recognizing and rewarding individual achievement.  We are all part of one family here – the Stateline family.


It is our intent to create an environment in which our employees feel involved, motivated and committed to improving themselves and the position our company holds, both within the market place and the community.  Involving each employee in the business is intended to develop commitment and achiev the goal of making Stateline an exceptional grower service company producing a quality product for its customers.


I invite you to read some background information about our organization below.


John Lightcap

General Manager



I. Goods Produced and Services Provided by Stateline Producers Cooperative


Stateline Producers Cooperative provides facilities to unload unprocessed dry edible Great Northern and Pinto beans and dry edible Yellow peas for both member and non-member growers located in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.


Stateline Producers Cooperative provides a high quality, packaged product grown locally that is delivered to customers around the world.


II. Stateline Producers Cooperative Facilities and Locations



Stateline's corporate headquarters are located in Gering, Nebraska.  The Gering facility is also an unload site and processing facility located on the mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad.  The Gering facility processes and packages dry edible Pinto beans.


A second unload site and processing facility is located in Bridgeport, Nebraska.  This facility is conveniently located on the mainline of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.  The Bridgeport facility processes and packages both dry edible Great Northern beans and dry edible Yellow peas.


Stateline also has three commodity receiving/unload stations.  The receiving stations are located in Mirage Flats and Morrill, Nebraska and Torrington, Wyoming.  The receiving stations are staffed and operated during harvest annually.


III. Company Goals


At Stateline Producers Cooperative, we strive for excellence.  In doing so, we believe it is vital to have company goals that can direct us as we move forward in our efforts to grow and compete in this industry.


It is our intent to be the leader in food and operational safety initiatives in our community and to provide a safe work environment for all employees.  We will modernize our current facilities so that we are better equipped to efficiently and effectively handle incoming commodities from grower/members while continuing to provide safe facilities for our grower/members, employees and visitors.  By achieving and maintaining higher food safety standards we will be able to meet our current customer needs and obtain new customers who require higher food safety standards.


In 2011, management and the board of directors set an initiative to grow our business through the sale of additional base capital credits.  We will achieve this by purchasing, processing and marketing additional commodity types grown locally and in our region of the country.  In 2012, we set a specific goal to become a processor of dry edible Yellow peas.


Accomplishing our goals will ensure the sustainability of our corporation financially and provide a rewarding experience for our members, customers and employees.