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Miller Industries

Miller Industries is The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Towing and Recovery Equipment, with executive offices in Ooltewah, Tennessee, domestic manufacturing operations in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, and foreign manufacturing operations in France and the United Kingdom.


Towing and Recovery Equipment  


We offer a broad range of towing and recovery equipment products that meet most customer design, capacity and cost requirements. We manufacture the bodies of wreckers and car carriers, which are installed on truck chassis manufactured by third parties. We frequently purchase the truck chassis for resale to our customers. Wreckers generally are used to recover and tow disabled vehicles and other equipment and range in type from the conventional tow truck to large recovery vehicles with rotating hydraulic booms and up to 75 ton lifting capacities. Car carriers are specialized flatbed vehicles with hydraulic tilt mechanisms that enable a towing operator to drive or winch a vehicle onto the bed for transport. Car carriers transport new or disabled vehicles and other equipment and are particularly effective over longer distances. We also manufacture vehicle transport trailers.  


Our products primarily are sold through independent distributors that serve all 50 states, Canada and Mexico, and other foreign markets including Europe, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, South America and Africa, and through prime contractors to governmental entities. Additionally, as a result of our ownership of Jige in France and Boniface in the United Kingdom, we have substantial distribution capabilities in Europe.


Product Development and Manufacturing


Our Holmes and Century brand names are associated with four of the major innovations in the industry: the rapid reverse winch; the tow sling; the hydraulic lifting mechanism; and the underlift with parallel linkage and L arms. Our engineering staff, in consultation with manufacturing personnel, uses computer-aided design and stress analysis systems to test new product designs and to integrate various product improvements. In addition to offering product innovations, we focus on developing or licensing new technology for our products.


We manufacture wreckers, car carriers and trailers at seven manufacturing facilities located in the United States, France and the United Kingdom. The manufacturing process for our products consists primarily of cutting and bending sheet steel or aluminum into parts that are welded together to form the wrecker, car carrier body or trailer. In addition, during the past several years, we have also begun to produce wrecker bodies using composites and other non-metallic materials. After the frame is formed, components such as hydraulic cylinders, winches, valves and pumps, which are purchased by us from third-party suppliers, are attached to the frame to form the completed wrecker or car carrier body. The completed body is either installed by us, or shipped by common carrier to a distributor where it is then installed, on a truck chassis. Generally, the wrecker or car carrier bodies are painted and towing operators can select customized colors to coordinate with chassis colors or fleet colors. To the extent final painting is required before delivery, we either complete such painting or contract with independent paint shops for such services.