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Rose Blumkin Jewish Home

The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home shall maintain and operate a traditional Jewish home for the Jewish aging and others in the greater Omaha community, in accordance with Jewish laws and customs, including the observance of Jewish kosher dietary laws.

Omaha Jewish History
The Jewish community in Omaha has made significant cultural, economic and social contributions to the city. The first Jewish settlers came to the city shortly after it was founded in 1856. The most numerous Jewish immigrants were from Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire. They arrived in four waves of immigration to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Immigrants were active in working class and socialist politics, especially during the 1920s and 1930s. Others established themselves as merchants and business people in the city. The Jewish community supported philanthropy and created important cultural and charitable institutions.

Dating back to as early as 1917, the Omaha Jewish Community has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide quality services and programs for seniors. Continuously assessing whether the established setting meets the ever-changing needs of seniors, the Jewish community purchased a parcel of property and in 1947 opened the Dr. Philip Sher Home, named for the beloved Omaha doctor/ philanthropist. The Sher Home serviced the community well until its doors were closed in 1982, when the new Rose Blumkin Jewish Home was complete and ready for the first occupants to move in. Rose Blumkin was instrumental in financial support of the new home. Russian immigrant, Rose Blumkin began her spectacular version of the American Dream in 1937 when she opened Nebraska Furniture Mart in the basement of a small shop in downtown Omaha. Following her simple business tenet to “Sell cheap and tell the truth,” Mrs. B’s dedication and savvy would spearhead an uninterrupted 70-year sales growth span for the “Mart.”

Customer Service
Just like Mrs. B, the Home’s attention to excellent customer service is of the utmost importance. It is expected of all employees that they complete their responsibilities with a positive attitude, enthusiasm and always showing dignity and respect toward those we interact with.

The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home is a non-profit, Jewish-sponsored long-term care facility that serves elderly Nebraskans. Though classified as a health care facility, ours is a people business first and foremost. We establish and maintain positive, solid relationships with the Residents, their family members and our coworkers, and strive each day to make our Home the very best work and living environment for all who share our services.

The Omaha Jewish community wants to continue the level of excellence it has always demanded and provided for our Jewish seniors. The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home meets and exceeds the expectations and needs of both short-term and extended-care Residents.