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Neathawk Dubuque and Packett


What we trust says a lot about us.

Think about it: You can probably name a million things you like, appreciate, prefer, enjoy, desire or get a big kick out of. But what do you really trust? It’s a pretty rare thing.

Trust is the difference between a cat and a dog. Between a doctor and your doctor. Between the store brand and what you’re willing to pay a few dollars more for.

It’s something that’s always on our minds at ND&P. You’ll notice we like sharing the things we trust with our clients, our friends and each other. Because if you’re going to do business with someone, it helps to know what’s important to them. It’s like getting a little peek at their values. A sense of what makes them tick.

Spend some time with ND&P and we think you’ll see how different this philosophy makes us.

Trust us, it’s a good thing.