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Private Practice Associates

About Us.

About How We Help.

Private Practice Associates, LLC (PPA) is committed to helping physicians enhance their practice by operating more efficiently and economically.

By offering vital products and services to participating physicians, PPA allows practices to concentrate on their number one priority, patient care. With PPA, practices remain independent and autonomous and have access to all of PPA’s products and services. There is no fee to be a part of PPA.

As the region’s premier physician practice management and purchasing group—our focus is on your success. We provide you the services products and connectivity that you may otherwise find out of reach. Through our network of Solution Partners—we have coordinated a wide array of services and products and our participants play a vital role in guiding us toward other needs.

Products and Services Overview

  • Automated Billing
  • Education
  • X-Ray Imaging
  • Management Services
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Compliance Program
  • Payor Negotiation
  • Physician Recruitment
  • Printing / Documents
  • Office Supplies
  • Medical and Surgical Supplies
  • Start-up Services
  • Web Site Services
Additionally, PPA developed SimplyWell , a fully web-based, population health management/health risk reduction program. The SimplyWell program strives to improve the health and productivity of employees, by identifying people at risk for injury or disease, evaluating modifiable healthcare costs, emphasizing self-care and action.

PPA was formed and is operated by physicians. We work as a single organization, responding rapidly to changes in policy and environment while coordinating services for hundreds of physicians and their practices. As a participant, you can experience everything that we have to offer.