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Carlson Systems, Inc.

In 1947, Carl and Julia Carlson forever changed the horizon of the Fastening and Packaging industries. With nothing more than a $350 cash investment, a used file cabinet, and their own enthusiasm, Carlson Stapler and Supply was born.

It’s been over 60 years since those humble beginnings, and today the former Carlson Stapler and Supply has grown into a corporation employing hundreds of people. Through the years the name has been simplified to Carlson Systems, LLC, and the familiar “CSS” logo has been retained to symbolize Carlson Systems’ strategy of providing service and support to our customers.

Focusing on fastening, packaging and product assembly systems, Carlson Systems’ offices and warehouses serve thousands of customers. A group of problem solvers, we provide ideas and solutions in both the products we sell and the methods we advocate. We assist businesses to produce better products and improve productivity, as well as help them to automate production and packaging lines.

With locations throughout an area primarily west of the Mississippi, our people and products are always close to our customers. All of our locations are networked together, allowing us to find whatever product a customer may desire. As a pioneering company and industry leader, we handle the premier product lines in fastening, packaging, product assembly and materials handling--offering our customers the highest quality, supported by our network of repair service departments.

Carlson Systems, LLC and Mid-Atlantic Fasteners, LLC are business units of Carlson Systems Holdings, Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Fasteners started out of a garage in Baltimore, MD just after World War II as a Duo-Fast distributor. Most of our early customers were upholstery shops, furniture manufacturers, the bedding industry, and millwork companies. Over the years as our business grew, we began selling competitive lines, which allowed us to expand our customer base into new markets with new customers.

Acquired by Carlson Holdings in 2006, Mid-Atlantic Fasteners offers the leading brands in the construction and industrial business. We serve our customers at over twenty locations on the east coast, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic region. Focusing on product assembly systems including nailers, staplers, fasteners and accessories, we serve the needs of industrial and construction customers, and offer industry-leading installation and repair in each of our locations.

The Carlson Holdings, Inc. companies are extremely diversified and provide the highest quality in both service and products. From that initial location in 1947, the Carlson companies have grown exponentially with over 50 locations in the United States and Mexico. With a solid force of employees we are positioned for continual growth in identifying better methods of serving our customers.