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Are you a remarkable individual interested in becoming a remarkable employee at a remarkable bank?


Core Bank was formed in 2013, the result of a merger between Centennial Bank and Omaha State Bank. We are a dynamic, innovative, locally-owned community bank that has a strong heritage of success. Our vision is to be a truly remarkable company that just happens to be a bank.  Our values are our most important priorities. Most companies list words as values. Things like Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork. But simply listing a word as a value doesn’t magically transform a company. Our values are demonstrated through our actions: how we work, who we promote, who we hire and who we let go. We know it’s not conventional but here’s how we feel: we value character, performance and our customers. And our culture proves it.


We are so much more than a bank.  Not a mere collection of buildings and financial tools. Not just a place to work or manage money. We are a community. First and foremost. Of friends and neighbors.


And partners in making life just a little bit better. When the rest of the world settles, we push on. To something greater.



More fun.

We think positive.

We do the right thing.

And we never pretend to be nice. We just are. Because that’s how we’d want to be treated. And that’s what truly matters.


Core Bank. You at the core.