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PromiseShip is a private, nonprofit partnership composed of five Nebraska-based organizations with more than 400 combined years of experience caring for children and families.

We are contracted by the State of Nebraska to provide child welfare support to families in Douglas and Sarpy counties. After children enter the state welfare system, we engage with children and families to develop life plans that will:

Build on child, family and community strengths so that all children and families are safe, healthy, and thriving.     

  • Foster communities with strong families in which children are safe and thriving.     
  • Support families’ voice and choice.     
  • Allow for dignity in all aspects of families’ lives.


Mission: PromiseShip tirelessly spans boundaries bringing powerful partners together to provide innovative solutions that transform life's uncertainty into family well-being.

PromiseShip is a progressive organization that embraces a solution-focused environment.

Our culture is one of innovation and collaboration. With a strong focus on community, we build strengths and work together to achieve our goals. When joining the PromiseShip team, you can look forward to making a positive impact on your surrounding community.

PromiseShip employees are committed to our mission of building on child, family and community strengths so that all children and families are safe, healthy and thriving. We are devoted to helping families be families.


We invest in our employees by offering trainings and opportunities for professional development. We also encourage and support everyone to set and work towards personal career goals.

We promote involvement…

At PromiseShip our employees take part in change and get involved beyond their normal work duties.

We value feedback…

At PromiseShip, we care about our employees and know how important it is to keep open communication.

When you join PromiseShip you get to be a part of an organization that listens to employees.  Every year we conduct a survey allowing employees the opportunity to have their voice heard. We then create a plan of action based on the feedback.

We aim to not only recognize talent but also passion and drive. We are seeking individuals who are forward thinking and creative with a strong sense of purpose.

If you are driven to make a difference in your community and you have a passion for helping children and families, there may be a place for you at PromiseShip. View our open positions to explore available opportunities and check out our website at to learn more about us.