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Ralston Public Schools



Ralston Public Schools serve more than 3,000 students in a community which includes the city of Ralston and portions of southwest Omaha, NE with a total population of 22,000.

The school district has six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. We have about 250 teachers and 175 non-certified staff on board.

A sampling of the special programs in Ralston Public Schools includes elementary counseling, outdoor education , computer education, special education, gifted education, fine arts and vocational education.

Our school district is supported by fine groups such as the District Parent Advisory Council, Ralston s senior citizen group, and parent-school organizations, as well as individual volunteers who give their time and talents to the schools.

The Ralston Community Schools Foundation generates funds to support programs not financed through the district s tax dollars, but valuable to the schools and the community. Among other activities, the Foundation operated a preschool and plans on extended child care program.


Ralston Educators find the opportunity to pursue a higher education at several local universities and colleges, including the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Creighton University, the College of St. Mary, Bellevue University and Metropolitan Community College.


Ralston School District has an educational mission to develop self-reliant citizens who are motivated to life-long learning, capable of living successfully and working productively in an ever-changing world. It is our goal that those citizens are prepared to relate to a variety of cultures, through a superior educational environment which combines effective teaching methods, a comprehensive curriculum, community support, and concern for the person.

In its efforts to complete its educational mission, the Ralston School District holds the following 10 beliefs.

  • The foremost responsibility of any educational organization is the student.
  • The dignity, worth and uniqueness of each individual are to be respected.
  • Every person s right to have his/her own opinions and values must be acknowledged.
  • The essence of education is the ability to deal responsibly with choice in a changing world.
  • Morality and values are vital ingredients in any educational process.
  • Public education must teach the patriotic heritage of our country and the beliefs and values of its people.
  • Public education is a right, and opportunity, and a responsibility for everyone.
  • Public education should provide every individual the means to excel in his/her life.
  • Public education is necessary for the preservation of democracy and self-government.