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Starting with a single orange van, AOI Corporation's founders, high school friends Mick Jensen and Marty McCormick worked conscientiously to build a model construction company. The greatest contributor to their success was the realization that if they could make problems go away, they could become an invaluable extension of their clients' businesses. By forging these relationships AOI has grown over the past two and half decades from three guys and a single van, to more than 100 employees providing services in construction, furniture and architectural products.

One of the greatest compliments we ever received was from a competitor who said: "don't let them (AOI) get in with your client, once they're in you'll never get them out". AOI still holds true to the belief that strong relationships with everyone, from clients to subcontractors, are the key to our success. Whether working as a General Contractor, Construction Manager, or part of a Design/Build team on a job of $4,000 or $40 million, it is our ability to create a win-win business environment that differentiates us from other contractors.

With thousands of projects completed nationwide, AOI continues to adapt and grow with the needs of our clients. What has never changed is our mission: To exceed the client's expectations.


We believe there are three key elements involved in creating a working partnership:

The first element is TRUST. AOI has worked hard to earn the trust of our clients. Our quality work and ethical business practices are never compromised. We are always willing to do everything possible to successfully complete our projects on time and within budget, while guaranteeing quality workmanship.

The second element is COMMITMENT. Partnering requires that the stakeholders believe there are financial and professional rewards offered by such a relationship. By committing to mutual goals we are able to satisfy each other's requirements for a successful project. This win/win attitude benefits all who participate and ensures the most effective results.

The third element is COMMUNICATION. Effective communication is the basis for teamwork. It encourages collaboration, helps eliminate misunderstandings and saves time and money. We contribute our success to the open lines of communication which we build with each of our clients.

AOI's goal is to build a relationship of trust, commitment and communication with our clients.

Message from our founder:

"We provide a team comprised of individuals possessing integrity, character, dedication and a belief in doing the right things for the right reasons, the right way. Our goal is not just to work with you on this project, but at the end of the day, to be your contractor of choice. When, at the completion of the project, you can say we made your job easy - we've accomplished our objective".

Mick Jensen

Owner AOI Corporation