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Allo Communications

ALLO is an industry leader, changing the future of telecommunications in Nebraska and we want the best to help us lead the charge.

We’re looking for people who:

  • are hard workers and passionate about solving problems. You don’t need to know how to split an atom, but you do need to know how to change the toilet paper roll– something in between is perfect.
  • are good listeners and look to help people.  Our goal is to make our customer’s lives easier.
  • enjoy working as a team member and will work diligently to make sure that every aspect of our service is EXCELLENT.
  • are driven to use your talents to help us grow as an awesome company.
  • are social and love to interact with co-workers and customers.  Building genuine relationships is vital to us.


  • are a team of technicians, customer service representatives, nerds, salespeople and network specialists who love technology.
  • have a fiber network that’s killin’ it.  We are changing lives in Nebraska and loving it.


More stuff about us:

ALLO is developing a world-class regional network to expand business opportunities, create jobs, and improve quality of life for Nebraskans. ALLO began building its fiber network in 2004-2005 within the Scottsbluff and Gering communities. Since that time, we've expanded our services to Alliance, Bridgeport, Ogallala and North Platte.  Our fiber construction is ongoing.

ALLO’s growth and success during the past ten years are reinforced by its immaculate reputation for customer service, technical capabilities, experienced personnel and superior products. ALLO provides customers with one of the most modern networks in  Nebraska while employing a team of engineers, operators and technical experts who are constantly working with customers to develop creative ways to utilize the immense capacity on ALLO’s fiber network and better serve our customers.