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Independent Technologies, Inc.


Independent Technologies (ITC). is a communications technology research and development company. We design, manufacture and market a wide range of products that have broad applications in the Telecommunications, Petroleum, Power Utility, Cable TV and Information Systems markets. Our products are designed by and for the people who rely on them and use them every day. They include copper cable testers for voice and data installation, fiber test sets, installation and maintenance items, plant safety equipment, remote reporting systems, and end-user caller ID displays.

The owners, officers, and key operating personnel of Independent Technologies each average over 25 years of hands-on experience in the communications industry. Our background, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm enable us to serve our customers with unparalleled commitment and quality.

We actively solicit ideas from field technicians and managers so our products are unique, in that each one was born at its point of application. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide practical, efficient and cost-effective innovations. We are proud of our ability to produce user-requested technical solutions in half the time required by others. All ITC products are made with Pride in the USA.