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Waitt Outdoor

Attention. Awareness. Action.

It’s no wonder businesses continue to invest their advertising dollars in outdoor advertising. The last of the great broadcast media, outdoor re mains one of the most effective means of reaching a wide audience of people. That’s because it provides the frequency you need to put real staying power behind your message – at a price point that delivers the value your budget demands. From the desirability of our locations to our extensive experience, no one understands how to help you to get the most from every dollar you spend than Waitt Outdoor.

Availability right where you need us. Waitt Outdoor has more than 1,500 displays in key interstate strategic corridors throughout the Midwest, including:

• Iowa

• Eastern Nebraska

• Missouri

• Greater Kansas City

• Southern Minnesota

Round-the-clock visibility.

Visible to thousands of motorists and passengers, day in and day out, Waitt Outdoor continues to reach your audience in ways that other media simply cannot. So, whether your goal is to get their attention, build awareness or fuel action, you gain the visibility you need to generate results.

Proven partners.

With Waitt Outdoor, you get more than the best locations and pricing. You gain the benefits of one of the region’s leading media groups, with people who bring the experience and expertise that continues to make us proven partners in our clients’ success.

Find out what it means to you.