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Bickford Cottage

The Bickford Senior Living Group tradition of retirement living was developed based on a personal journey for Don and Judie Eby, the founders of the company. When Judie’s mother, Mary Bickford, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the family faced the difficult decision of selecting the right residential care facility. The options were limited. Mrs. Bickford could not continue with an independent lifestyle, yet a move to a nursing home seemed premature.

Their search turned toward finding a residential care environment that possessed all the elements of home while providing the necessary support services to offer the family peace of mind. When the right residence failed to materialize, the family designed and built a senior care business of their own.

Since their first successful residence, the Eby family has brought a full range of retirement living services to over 30 communities in Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Nebraska. It’s a concept that has lifted Bickford Senior Living Group to leadership role in the development of senior housing communities throughout the country.