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Kriz Davis

Company Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision…

Through new and long term relationships, deliver quality products and value added solutions with integrity to result in being the supplier of choice in all of our served markets

Our Mission……

To be the liaison between the electrical manufacturer and the end user, to distribute quality products at a competitive price, deliver in a timely fashion and to pursue new and innovative products and services which will satisfy our customers growing needs.

Employing Our Mission/Vision, it is our intent…

To perform sound, ethical business strategies and practices.

To promote a healthy and balanced environment of work and home for our employee owners.

To enhance the livelihood of our company and employee owners through growth and expansion.

To provide our customers with exceptional quality service and products that exceed expectations.

To continually improve our expertise and processes resulting in being the supplier of choice of our customers.

To ensure all aspects of our operations are conducted in the safest manner possible.

Our Guiding Principles to Deliver Our...

Customers - Provide high quality, cost-effective products and value-added solutions.

Employees - Develop individual potential and promote a team environment among our employee owners and maintain such as our ongoing source of competitive advantage.

Environment – To practice and promote “Green” technologies and processes resulting in a positive environmental impact.

Ethics - Conduct business with integrity and respect Community – Operate our business responsibly to be an effective corporate citizen in the communities and markets we serve.

Safety – Promote and perform health and safety first.