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Iowa School for the Deaf

More than 150 years

of preparing students

for the world

What We Do Today, our mission. Iowa School for the Deaf serves students across Iowa and Nebraska who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, including those with multiple disabilities, preschool through age 21, in compliance with state and federal regulations and laws.

Iowa School for the Deaf promotes personal, individual excellence by providing comprehensive educational programs and services, delivered by highly qualified personnel with in-depth training for understanding the unique needs of these students. ISD prepares students for community participation as succcessful and productive adult citizens, with skills comparable to their hearing peers.

What We Aspire To Do, our philosophy. ISD will provide outstanding educational opportunities for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, and will become a nationally renowned program, and a resource for Iowa’s school districts, incorporating:

Specialized programming and services with intensive, individualized instruction and innovative use of technology | High expectations and standards for each student, focused on language and literacy skill development commensurate with that of hearing peers | Decision-making for individual student program development based on comprehensive, integrated data collection and analysis of student achievement.