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FALCO Enterprises

Conventional wisdom says you'll be lucky to find a good job that is also a rewarding one!

So much for conventional wisdom!

At FALCO Enterprises, the word "rewarding" means more than compensation. It's how we feel in knowing we're making a positive impact--a real difference in our employees lives. And we strive to empower employees to become not only the best in their career, but with their family, community involvement and spiritual wellness.

Fred A. Lockwood & Co., P.C. (FALCO Enterprises) began more than 37 years ago. As the Nebraska Panhandle has grown, we've matured as well, becoming a dynamic professional organization comprised of three distinct yet focused businesses offering public tax & accounting services, financial planning, and business computer network systems and support.


  • Paid Holidays

  • Paid Time Off

  • FMLA Privileges

  • Group Health Insurance

  • Health Savings Account

  • Cafeteria Plan

  • Simple Retirement Plan

  • Payment for New Clients

  • Employee Finder's Fee

  • Education Reimbursement
  • Interest Free Loans for CPA Exam and Study Courses

  • Time Off for CPA Exam

  • Training and Development

  • Membership in Professional Societies

  • Paid Jury Duty

  • Our Employees, Our Clients

    It is our employees who make FALCO Enterprises an enjoyable place to work.

    Almost immediately you will begin working with our clients. You will be exposed to a variety of work challenges from tax preparation to auditing. You will get to experience it all.

    Facilities and Work Atmosphere

    We take pride in the work atmosphere we offer to our employees. Our corporate offices are modern and provide a rewarding working environment. We empower our employees with the latest technology which you may expect from a much larger firm in a sprawling city.

    Employee Activities

    FALCO Enterprises believes the age old adage, "happy employees are productive employees." That is why we work hard and play hard. We schedule dozens of fun activities for employees throughout the year.

    Community Involvement

    Our employees are leaders in the community and continue to give back to the area that has brought us so much good fortune. Below is only a small portion of our civic volunteer agencies.