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21st Century Equipment Construction

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21st Century Equipment, Inc. Introduction: The reason for our success is not what we have changed, but what has stayed the same since the beginning...Customer Satisfaction. Since 1996, 21st Centu...

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21st Century Equipment, Inc.

The reason for our success is not what we have changed, but what has stayed the same since the beginning...Customer Satisfaction.

Since 1996, 21st Century Equipment, Inc. has built a business based on the belief that customer loyalty is the result of strong customer service and that success is the result of satisfied customers. If we fail to deliver top-quality service, our customers simply won't come back.

The backbone of our success is a team of 170 employees dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our Sales Professionals work closely with our customers and our suppliers to match customer needs with a wide array of available products...whether on the farm or in our stores. Our Parts and Service organization is committed to providing high levels of technical expertise and product knowledge across a broad range of product any time, day or night.

We strongly believe in the future of production agriculture, recognizing it as the cornerstone of our business. We are firmly committed to our employees and the communities within the geographic area we serve. To continue to be successful, we continually recruit, train and develop the best people available.

Our Commitment:

Absolute Integrity in everything we do, combined with a strong desire to be a Partner in meeting customer needs and solving their unique problems, driven by employees dedicated to providing flexible, responsive and attentive Service in every aspect of our business.

Mission Statement:
  • The Purpose of 21st Century Equipment is to be a profitable and successful agri-business.
  • We'll accomplish this by providing superior customer service, in a timely, professional and friendly manner.
  • We'll consistently strive to improve the way we do business through employee training, systems development and technology.
  • Our Goal is to be the best-managed business in the communities in which we are located.
  • By accomplishing the goals above, we will be able to support the activities that help make this an attractive area for our families to live and grow.
Company Values:
  • We strongly believe in the future of production agriculture, as it is the fundamental cornerstone of our core business.
  • We are firmly committed to our customers, employees and the communities within our trade area.
  • We view our customers as our partners, and our success depends on making our customers more successful.
  • To be successful, we will recruit, develop, and retain the best people available to staff our dealerships.
  • We will maximize the use of technology, to the greatest extent possible, to the benefit of our company and our customers.
  • We must operate with a culture of continuous improvement and believe there is always a better way to do things.
  • We will not become complacent or tolerate of mediocre performance.
  • We will maintain a competitive advantage over our competitors by controlling our expenses.
  • Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our relationships internally, as well as with our customers.
Employee Activities:

Everything is not all work and no play within our company! We hold several annual events throughout to reward our employees for their hard work and to thank them and their families for the dedication they give to the company. Some of the activities include riding the Ski Train to Winter Park, Colorado, Christmas parties with a dinner and dance, golf outings, and a summer lake party with lots of food, sand volleyball, and water sports for the entire family. These celebrations provide an opportunity to get better acquainted with co-workers and also build a stronger team environment. Everyone looks forward to these annual events.

Community Service:

Our company is committed to supporting the communities in which we are located. All locations are members of the local Economic Development Organization, Chamber of Commerce and we have numerous employees that are members of various civic organizations. We also provide corporate sponsorship to various events throughout our communities and participate in community outreach program. We are a strong supporter of the area youth by contributing to various school and social activities and sponsoring 4-H and FFA programs.

John Deere Career Partnership Programs:

21st Century Equipment is proud to support the John Deere Career Partnership programs. These programs are unique alliances between select colleges and John Deere dealers that provide the students with classroom education and on-the-job cooperative work experiences at participating dealerships.
A student has the option to receive a two year associates degree by participating in the Ag Parts or Ag Tech programs that are located at such colleges as Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska or Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas. The Ag Parts program will assist the student in developing skills to manage equipment parts inventories while utilizing the newest John Deere parts management computer software. In the Ag Tech program, students will develop skills in equipment troubleshooting and repair while utilizing the newest John Deere tools and diagnostic equipment so they will be well trained service technicians upon completion of the program.
A student also has the option of participating in the John Deere Dealership Management program that is in conjunction with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This program allows the student the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences with a major in Mechanized Systems Management. The goal of this program is to develop competent management personnel for John Deere dealerships.

"The Ag Parts program provided me with the knowledge I needed to perform my job after graduation. I was prepared to operate the parts computer system and understand inventory management control. I would highly recommend the Ag Parts program." Tyson Schroeder, Parts Specialist - Ogallala

"The John Deere Ag Tech program has been a great asset to my in career as a technician. It has given me the skills to succeed as a technician in the shop as well as my current position as service coordinator. The program is designed so that you not only gain technical knowledge, but you also gain skills in core academic areas that allow you to excel above the average tech school graduate. With this program you have the opportunity work with 21st Century Equipment and a community college to set forth on a path of success." Joshua Muller - Service Manager - Sidney

Scholarship Programs:

21st Century Equipment is committed to the development of employees to further strengthen their skill levels. Employees are encouraged to participate in secondary education and outreach programs. For a qualified individual, 21st Century Equipment will sponsor at least half the cost of tuition for a college program (with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA requirement) or at least half the cost from the successful completion of an approved outreach program that further develops an employee. Student loan options are available through the company to highly qualified candidates.

21st Century Equipment locations:

1520 W. 10th St
P.O. Box 739
Alliance, NE 69301
(308) 762-5870
(888) 762-5870
Fax: (308) 762-8429
Mgr.: Kent Lachman

W. Highway 26
RR 1 Box 61
Bridgeport, NE 69336
(800) 682-5121
Fax: (308) 262-1451
Gen. Mgr.: Owen Palm

South Highway 61
101 Road East 80
Ogallala, NE 69153
(308) 284-4049
(800) 658-4227
Fax: (308) 284-8204
Mgr.: Greg Hilt
1243 Road 113
Sidney, NE 69162
(308) 254-2511
(866) 233-2511
Fax: (308) 254-0485
Mgr.: Gary Dible

6742 State Hwy.27
Gordon, NE. 69343
(308) 282-0665
(800) 535-4450
Fax: (308) 282-2897
Mgr.: Marlin Sandoz

1001 N. Highway 61
PO Box 877
Imperial, NE 69033
(308) 882-4326
(800) 525-4934
Fax: (308) 882-4631
Mgr.: Larry Talbott

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