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EUUS Workforce Solutions Formerly ResCare Workforce Services

Who we are


ResCare Workforce Services is a leading provider of workforce development services nationwide.  We serve jobseekers, current workers, and employers in urban, suburban, and rural locations throughout the country.  Our company was founded in 1963 as the operations arm of a behavioral research organization.  In 1968, Rescare was awarded a demonstration grant by the federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare to formulate an innovative training program for welfare mothers in Philadelphia.  This program is still in operation today.


Rescare gradually expanded from Philadelphia into other counties and states.  During the 1990s, ResCare continued to experience steady growth. We now operate a sophisticated range of workforce development programs serving jobseeksers and employers in over 50 locations nationwide.


In 2003 Arbor joined with ResCare, Inc., the nation’s largest human services company.  ResCare provides services to at-risk and troubled youth and people with disabilities.  The company employs 41,000 people and serves more than 32,000 persons in 32 states and Washington DC. Founded in 1974, ResCare received it’s first government contract from the U.S. Department of Labor, to operate a Job Corps center in Kentucky.  Today ResCare is the second largest operator of Job Corps centers in the country.  Arbor is a wholly owned subsidiary of ResCare, Inc.


The ResCare Mission


ResCare is Respect and Care—assisting people to reach their highest level of independence. We are dedicated and caring people who form a company providing excellent human services that enhance the lives of individuals. With efficiency and effectiveness, we strive to provide the highest measurable quality supports for the people and organizations we serve, our employees, our shareholders and our communities. We serve with skill, compassion, respect and care.