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Technical Support Inc. (TSI)

Mission Statement

Technical Support, Inc. is in the business of providing complete hardware and software solutions for custom computing applications. Our focus is primarily in the areas of data communications and real-time computing. TSI’s facilities allow us to provide turnkey solutions by designing hardware, creating system software, and manufacturing the finished product. TSI?s mission is to provide world class systems engineering services and quality manufacturing.

TSI is a clients’ complete one-stop solution. TSI has a highly educated and experienced team of software, hardware engineering team that can efficiently help turn a feasible product idea into a product (Concept or Reality), or can help you improve your existing products. We work closely with our clients to develop a new product and/or improve an existing product and then build prototype and test it. When the product meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations, we can manufacture small quantities of your product until the product passes its "introduction" phase. Once your product gets into the second phase of its product cycle, growth, TSI can manufacture it in quantities.

TSI can help you in any phase of your product life-cycle. Even if you already have the design of your product completed, we can help you manufacture it in both small and large quantities, depending on your demand.