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Outlook Nebraska

Welcome To Outlook Nebraska, Inc. Mission: To Enhance the Quality of Life of the Blind and Visually Impaired. Vision: Outlook Nebraska, Inc. (ONI) will be the premier provider of choice for exceptional employment, training, and experiences that allow the blind and visually impaired to realize their personal and career goals. Since its beginning in 2000, ONI, a 501(c)3 organization, has positively impacted the lives of the blind and visually impaired through employment at our tissue converting facility. The opportunities they are given here allow them to live meaningful, productive, and independent lives. ONI’s successes are many, but none more impressive than its number one ranking for employing the blind. ONI:  
  • Is the largest employer of the blind and visually impaired in Nebraska.
  • Helps the blind gain confidence and skill sets to show their capabilities to the public.
  • Provides economic independence and an enhanced quality of life to our associates, who are able to become productive, taxpaying citizens.
  • Prepares its associates for opportunities to achieve upward mobility within ONI or at other successful businesses.
  • Has developed additional services for our blind and visually impaired associates, such as our Education and Training Program. This provides them with technology training that allows them to excel in their professional and personal lives.
Help Us Achieve Our Mission! At ONI, we do much more than offer blind people jobs. We make a difference in the lives of our associates through our Education and Training Program as well as through collaboration with other vision organizations. If you would like to donate to ONI, please contact John Wick, Director of Fund Development. If you would like to schedule a tour, call 402-614-3331