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TekBrands, LLC

TekBrands, LLC  


TekBrands, LLC owns a portfolio of leading consumer-focused businesses in the quilting, crafts and custom cutting industry including AccuQuilt, AccuCut, accuCut China and Custom Shape Pros. 


TekBrands combines the best of both worlds: the world of small-town friendliness and work ethic with the world of corporate professionalism, worldwide scope and aggressive vision for the future.


The biggest difference between us and the corporate machine is that we don’t believe our own B.S. We are agile and swift in our decision-making processes. There are no meetings to discuss our meetings about other meetings. Bring an idea to the table and within the hour you can be working on making that idea a reality.


Our competitive benefits package combined with an environment that breeds successful professionals is just the tip of the iceberg. We invest in our employees by mentoring and promoting from within. We believe that all of our employees have a voice and we want to hear it. Employees’ views and opinions don’t just count — they are asked for and expected. Different views and opinions that bring value are always welcome.


Our employees not only succeed but excel at what they do and we provide them with the best tools, management and mentoring to accomplish that. We also provide a work environment that is enviable. Our days move quickly in an environment that fosters open communications, collaboration, creativity and respect.


We are located in Omaha at 8843 S 137th Circle (Cabela’s is a neighbor) was designed to magnify our collaborative environment and its location was chosen for the benefits it provides to our employees and business. With immediate access to the interstate, it’s perfect for employee networking opportunities, off-site meetings with clients and team-building exercises.


TekBrands offers employees a legacy of quality, creativity and security in business, with the promise of growth and opportunity.