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Nelnet is one of the leading education and education finance companies in the United States and is focused on providing quality student loan products and services to students and schools nationwide. Nelnet offers a broad range of financial services and technology-based products, including student loan origination, consolidation and lending, holding, student loan and guarantee servicing, and software solutions.

Nelnet, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, ranks among the nation’s leaders in terms of total student loan assets under management. With more than $22.9 billion in net student loan assets as of September 30, 2006, Nelnet originates in excess of $5 billion for itself and its service partners annually, and its servicing software is used by approximately 35 clients, including Nelnet, to service nearly $65 billion in student loans.

As a vertically integrated company offering the full range of services required for student lending, Nelnet is well positioned to capitalize on industry growth. One of the company’s greatest strengths lies in its sophisticated technology solutions. Its comprehensive suite of software products not only allows it to service loans internally and for third parties, but also continues to facilitate the company’s position as a preferred originator and holder of loans for schools and borrowers. This technology helps solidify Nelnet’s leadership position as the company further penetrates markets through organic growth, acquisitions, and strengthening relationships with schools and lenders nationwide.