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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Lied Renaissance Center In May of 1990, The Salvation Army announced that the Nebraska Methodist Health System would transfer its five-acre Midtown Omaha campus to the Army as a gift. Valued at more than $2 million, the donation included buildings, furnishings and all non-medical equipment, making it the largest single contribution ever presented to the Army in Omaha. Today the Lied Renaissance Center is nationally referred to as the flagship of the Western Division because of its uniqueness and functionality. It stands as the world s largest social services agency under one roof, featuring a broad and diverse menu of approximately 24 programs.

Divisional Headquarters which supports The Salvation Army programs in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota is located at 10755 Burt Street, Omaha, NE 68114.


The History of The Salvation Army

In 1865, William Booth began the ministry that would become The Salvation Army to help people living in appalling poverty within London’s East End The Salvation Army has functioned successfully for more than a century. Its outreach has expanded to include 106 countries where the Gospel is preached in 160 languages. Throughout, the basic social services developed by William Booth have remained and new programs that address contemporary needs have been added. Among these are disaster relief services, day care centers, summer camps, holiday assistance, services for senior citizens, housing for the homeless, family and career counseling, correctional services, and drug rehabilitation.